PUBG Mobile Game APK Download | Updates | Hacks

PUBG Mobile Game APK Download | Updates | Hacks

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The description of PUBG Mobile Game APK

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in short PUBG is an online battle Royale game. PUBG Mobile game is developed by the company PUBG and subsidiary of Bluehole. This game originally comes from the movie Battle Royale. In Mobile PUBG up to 100 players can play and the game remains until the last survivor? All these players are being dropped in the area of desert and then move toward safe after collection weapons and destroying the other players. But here another point is that safe area get shrink over time.

The well eminent game was originally played by laptop users. But due to the popularity as millions of people play PUBG mobile version is launched. Tencent which negotiate with the Bluehole to launch a mobile version of this game. Then Tencent work with the Blue whole and after three month’s PUBG Mobile Lite is updated in the market. Yet, both Android and iSO users can play.

PUBG Mobile Game Season 6

PUBG Royale is based on pass and season. In which the player meets with new content, weapons, fireman, character, face, hairstyle, and Iceland of the desert safe area. Some new terms are like the weather change and weapon change are also updated in the new season. Yet, Tencent season 5 is going to end. And PUBG Mobile update comes in the form of PUBG Season 6. The new updates that we expected from this update seem to be as.
Players can select the weather.

  • Tencent adding a new raffle G36C which would fire 5.56 mm around.
  • Now, the weapon is replaced with a three-wheel bus.
  • Online chat and patch note available which quickly answer your queries.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile game is all around the word surviving. From the team of 100 players, the last one is the winner. The game will end when all these 100 get destroy. The strength to grab the gun in the better field is much necessary. Collecting the equipment and destroying the other players is a basic part of PUBG. We have new tricks and tips that would apply to each and every player of the battlefield.

  1. Select the area where you need to land
  2. Collect First and Shoot later
  3. Carefully Shoot the when you are in rang
  4. Keep always check the map
  5. Use weapon or wheel then legs
  6. Must in touch with squad mates
  7. Select The Area Where You Need to Land

Before to play the game you just need to have to keep a few things in mind. That game playing a maximum of time half an hour in you have a grip on shoot fire and knows the safe areas. In contrast, if things happen worst then it will be ended in a few seconds. However, initial land where you first land is most important to survive. It’s very first and outstanding tips for PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Game | Updates | Season 6 | Hacks

You need to check out the map. And see the different places like the military area, power area, and towns on the map. Accordingly, select the weapon and rifle. Once you come out from your weapon then must keep checking that you are landing on the area of the single player instead of the swarm. Using this trick you will shoot easily and able to move next.

Loot First and Shoot Later

It’s too much risk for you to die in first and put all victory chances to your players and squad mates. PUBG Mobile Apk is under risk to win and survive long. Because you even have no second chance.

Its quite amazing tricks for you that first collect the things that are scattered around the buildings and transport these good. After that pick the most powerful weapon and rifle. Also, relay on the power of your fist and prioritize the food item first.

Only Shoot When You Are in Rand

Balancing tricks are most important as well as the above two. If you will avoid them you might be killed in the early stage and hang out the game. It’s quite important for PUBG Mobile Game player to decide when you should attack and when you should hide from the scene. Never until opening your fire until you are sure that you will hit the target.

Carefully use the sniper rifle, assault and pistols, and shotguns. Because these are used for long, medium, and close distance respectfully. Be carefully shoot your distance enemy. Don’t use any strongest gun to shoot distance player. It means you are losing your position.
Keep Always Check Map

For PUBG Mobile Hacks or PUBG Mobile Game, you must need to learn about the layout and structure. So, we recommend you to keep check your game map and layout. With the help of these PUBG Mobile Download map, you check each and everything. Then you should check either you are laying in a safe area or not.

The circle on the map actually showing either you are in a safe area or not. As time beings, the circle of the safe area gets shrinks. If you cross the safe zone then you will die.


Players as you know that PUBG is a game of laptop and pcs. After that its get turn the mobile version. The Tencent work and update the market Android and iSO version of PUBG Mobile Game. But users you see that mobile version is so simple and easier than the PUBG. However, rules and tricks are the same for each zone and each player. However, the key pressing is different in PUBG Mobile emulator.

It has a lot of auto-playing feature in it. For example when you press F on pc then the door of weapon get open. However, you have not any needs to press any key in the mobile version. Because mobile PUBG will do it automatically for the players. So, it’s easier and simpler then pc PUBG. Also, have virtual screens and navigation keys in it.

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Additional Information

App Name PUBG Mobile Game APK
Package Name com.supercell.clashofclans
Version 11.866.12
Rating Rated for 7+
Size 117.3 MB
Requirement 4.0 and up
Updated November 5, 2019
Installs 500,000,000+
Category GAMES

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